Sunday, May 3, 2015

More Family Blogs for All You Beautiful People Out There

If you are interested in perhaps looking at some more blogs similar to mine on the extremely important topic of the family, here are a few!(: These are my beautiful and talented classmates, go give em a look!


This week we talked all about population. Many of you have probably heard and maybe even believed that the world is becoming way too populated and that soon we won't have enough resources to sustain our lives here in this beautiful planet we live in. This is simply not true. In class this week we talked about how the real statistics show that if you were to take every single person on this planet , all 7.125 billion of us, and gave us all an acre of land, which is much more than most people in the world have today, we could all fit inside of Texas. This finding totally blew my mind. For anybody to say that there is not enough resources in this world for us is just completely false.
Water is still the number one resource needed in our world today. Clean drinking water. Which is something that can become easily available to all by a instilling a simple pump. Our world is most definitely not becoming overpopulated. We have plenty of resources. However, because of this false information, many have stopped having kids because it is the, "right," and, "ethical," thing to do. This is so false. If a group of a million people were to only have one child each, and have the pattern keep going throughout every generation, in twenty generations, there will only be one person left out of those million. This is exactly what is becoming of our world. We are on track to have a population deficit. If more people had more kids, there would be so many more bright and brilliant minds being brought into this world, creating new jobs, new innovations, and new ideas. We are struggling right now in numbers. By the time my generation is old enough to collect social security there will be nothing left of it. We won't be collecting a dime. The world is in dire need of more people.
On a gospel perspective, the same is true. We are commanded to multiply and replenish the earth. If we don't, there will be severe consequences. My mom went to a, "Time Out for Women," a couple years back. Time out for women is an event put on by the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for women to go and listen to leaders of the church speak, along with other great examples and speakers. At this particular conference, Elder Boyd K. Packer spoke. He explained that in regard to immigrants coming into our country, that we all need to be extremely gentle and kind towards them. He explained that the only reason why our dear country, the United States of America hasn't been destroyed is because of the immigrants coming in and having children. They are the ones keeping this great commandment. We all need to remember the reasons why were placed on this earth, and what we were sent here to do. We were sent here to help God fulfill His work. We were sent here to become more like Him and make it back to Him. And a really great way in which we can do this is by keeping our dear Heavenly Father's commandments. One of thee being: multiplying and replenishing the earth.