Friday, July 10, 2015

Diversity in Families

As previously stated in my last blog post, all families are different. They are all unique and beautiful and wonderful in their own way. However, although there can be some really great and beneficial differences in each family, there are also some differences that can be a bit harmful and destructive to the lives of the children, the parents, and the family unit as a whole. Is it fair to say that not all families are equal? Some would argue that its not. But as I have studied the family unit and the different statistics that go into family diversity, I have realized that not all families are equal. And to ignorantly keep on arguing that they are is completely destroying the family. Although all families have (or should have) some sort of good within them, there are many statistics out there that show that children who are only raised by a single mother, or father are at a lower advantage than those who are raised by a mother and a father in the same household. Of course this is not to say that children who are raised by a single mother or father are destined to a terrible life. That is not the case at all. But they are shown to be at a lower advantage and to have more struggles physically and psychologically than those who are not. It just makes their lives a bit harder than it needs or has to be. Cultural differences are wonderful and can be so helpful in the individuality and growth of children and their family unit. But when it comes to differences in parenting, and parents in the home, it should always come back to one thing, The children. Questions such as, "Is this what is best for my children?" "Is this conditional or unconditional parenting?" and, "Is this me being selfless for my child?"Are good and enlightening questions to ask oneself in regard to these important family decisions. Family differences can be so beautiful, but when they are the effect of selfish behavior, they can be devastatingly destructive.

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