Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sexual Intimacy and Family Life

Sexual intimacy is meant to be a bonding act between husband and wife. Anything beyond that can be extremely harmful to relationships and individuals undoubtedly. The power of procreation is a sacred gift and should be treated as such. When going into a marriage, it is important to remember that sexual intimacy is an essential part of marriage and marital happiness. It can be used in help to help bond husband and wife, to provide a safe and therapeutic environment to talk things over together, and to express love to each other at a new and different kind of level.
These things said, it is important to understand how sexual intimacy works. There are different response cycles for men and women. Actually, both have the same response cycle, they just happen and occur at different speeds and for different lengths. The cycle goes as follows: excitement, plateau,  orgasm, and resolution. Men typically are more quickly excited, and have a much shorter, yet more intense plateau than women. They go through the sexual response cycle a bit more quickly than women. That is why there is usually something called foreplay in sexual intimacy, to help the female and male get to common ground.
A question people often ask when it comes to sexual intimacy is, "what is a good number that couples should be having per week or month?" In regard to this question, I think what it really comes down to is selflessness. Both partners should be being selfless with each other. If this is happening, than it really doesn't matter how many times a week it occurs. But sexual intimacy should be a regular thing amongst married couples. It should be something that occurs often to strengthen the marriage, relationship, and family life.
Sexual intimacy within the bonds of marriage is a wonderful blessing to couples and families. It is the power to bring precious spirits into this world and into families, and should always be treated with respect and without mockery.

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